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“I find Embark works really well for both myself and my clients as it offers a huge number of funds at a low cost. Embark requires little or no paperwork to be completed by the client which can create a significant time saving for client and adviser alike.”


  • Duncan Smitton, Director, Smitton Wealth Solutions Limited


“The Embark Platform suits our needs and the requirements of our clients’ varying needs very well. The multiple automated processes have proven to be very efficient, helping streamline our workflows, as well as improving the speed of getting things done for our clients. The wide range of accounts and funds available offers lots of flexibility.”


  • Justin Garratt, Regional Business Manager, Vision Independent Financial Planning Ltd


“I have found that the Embark Platform has streamlined my business and made us more efficient altogether. They have a very neat system that allows straight-through processing for our clients, for new and existing business. In addition, the lack of paperwork and industry leading technology saves us time and therefore money. When we carry out our due diligence on platforms, it is always great to see that Embark offers considerable financial strength compared to other newer platforms on the market. I find them to be innovative and they listen to what advisers want and need.”


  • Mr Taylor Beavis, Financial Adviser/Director, Universe Financial Advice


“The support provided by their teams are incredibly helpful and makes life so much easier. The Platform Adoption Team are always friendly and deal with you in a professional manner. Most importantly, my clients who have online access to their portfolio’s always compliment the ease of use and the data which is provided.”

  • Andrew O’Connell, M Hunter & Co Limited