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Lale Akoner, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager, BNY Mellon Investment Management

Lale joined BNY Mellon Investment Management in 2012 and Newton Investment Management in 2023, having worked in their New York and London offices. She is known for applying global perspective to analyses and providing easy-to-grasp, original, research-backed investment outlooks to multiple audiences across the bank and clients. Lale is a regular on-the-record source and live-broadcast commentator, delivering Investment Management's market views to external audiences through a variety of media outlets including Bloomberg TV, CNBC TV, Yahoo Finance, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, MarketWatch, Le Figaro, La Repubblica, The Times, Business Insider, and Barron's. Lale earned her Master of Arts degree in economics from Yale University, and Master of Science degree in finance (MSIA) from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. Lale was a Teaching Fellow at Yale University and was awarded Yale University Department of Economics Prize and fellowships from Yale University Graduate School as well as Carnegie Mellon University. She serves on the board of Fintech Connect.

How Likely is Recession Across Markets?

By Lale Akoner, BNY Mellon Investment Management

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Dwindling central bank liquidity, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and a rolling deglobalisation trend all look set to shape investment market fortunes throughout 2023 with varying degrees of recession likely across major markets.

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