Dependant refers to a person who, at the time of your death:

• is married to you, or is your civil partner,
• was married to you, or was your civil partner, when you first became entitled to a pension under your SIPP,
• a child of yours who has not attained age 23,
• a child who, in the opinion of the scheme administrator, was dependent on you because of physical or mental impairment (whatever the child’s age),
• a child of yours who was already receiving dependants’ drawdown and who reached their 23rd birthday on or after 16 September 2016,
• any other person (not married to you, not your civil partner, nor your child) who, in the opinion of the scheme administrator:
a. was financially dependent on you,
b. you and the person were financially dependent on each other,
c. the person was dependent on you because of mental or physical impairment.

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