Important platform changes

  • Embark Platform has rebranded as Scottish Widows Platform.
  • Embark Investment Services Limited (EISL) will remain as the underlying platform provider.
  • Advance by Embark will be closed and accounts will transfer to Scottish Widows Platform later in the year in line with our established strategy.

Looking ahead to a bright future together

We’re delighted to confirm our plans to combine the digital technology expertise of Embark with the experience and heritage of the Scottish Widows brand, as we continue to develop our platform proposition for you and your clients.

Here you will find some more detail, along with answers to practical questions you may have about the rebrand:

Why is Embark Platform being rebranded?

At the beginning of 2022, Embark was acquired by Lloyds Banking Group, who saw the potential to invest in our market-leading platform technology.

The Group already owns a number of well-known financial brands, including Scottish Widows, which has been established for over 200 years.

Scottish Widows is a strong and visible brand for advisers and clients. By using this brand, we are simplifying our offering for advisers and their clients.

When are the changes happening?

The platform has now rebranded to Scottish Widows Platform.

If you currently have clients on Advance by Embark, we’ll confirm the timing of their move to the Scottish Widows Platform well in advance.

What are the implications of rebranding to Scottish Widows Platform?

It’s a change of the trading name and branding only; the platform provider (EISL) will not be changing.

The platform URL has changed to:

Your current Platform username and password will be unchanged.

How can I find out more?

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Embark Platform, Advance, and Scottish Widows, get in touch with our service centres or your usual Embark / Scottish Widows contact.


Embark Platform Users

There will be no changes to how the platform works and Embark Investment Services Limited (EISL) will stay as the platform provider. You will simply see the platform screens, webpages and documents carry the Scottish Widows logo and visual design; references to “Embark Platform” will be replaced by “Scottish Widows Platform” (as the new trading name).

No, the same Terms apply, as the underlying provider (EISL) is unchanged – a rebranded version of the Terms of Business and client Terms & Conditions will be posted to this microsite soon.

“Embark ISA” will change to “Scottish Widows ISA” etc. as a consequence of the platform rebranding. The feature and benefits of the current products will not change.

The existing Embark products will continue to be available on the Scottish Widows Platform, just renamed as Scottish Widows products. The existing off platform Scottish Widows products will continue to be available outside of the platform.

No, we will write to your clients about the rebrand and a copy of the communication we send will be saved here.

These will change, but redirects will be in place, so don’t worry. We’ll confirm the new details when we write to you again, so you can update your records / save them to your “favourites”.

Embark Platform will continue as the product offered to institutions for “white labelling” only, but Scottish Widows Platform will be the brand for retail intermediaries once the platform rebrand is done.

Advance by Embark Users

Instead of moving to “Embark Platform” (as previously communicated), you will move to “Scottish Widows Platform” later in 2023. This is a change to the platform trading name only.

If you have already signed EISL terms, there is no further action required as EISL will remain as the platform provider.

If you have not yet signed EISL Terms of Business, please contact your BDM or the platform onboarding team.

We will write again in a few weeks’ time, after the rebrand, with specific details and confirmation of when the move to Scottish Widows Platform will take place.

No, we will write to your customers about the rebrand and their subsequent move to Scottish Widows Platform. A copy of the communication we send will be saved here.

Lots of detail is provided in the microsite we produced a few months ago here.

Most of this information still applies but remember that we will now be rebranding Embark Platform to Scottish Widows Platform before your business moves across.

Scottish Widows Retirement Account

There is no impact on existing RA clients. RA remains as a complementary offer outside of the platform, meeting different client needs, and will remain open to new business until further notice.

The Retirement Account and the platform operate on different technology and are supported by different servicing teams. To ensure that our colleagues are focused on delivering the best service for each product, we are keeping these specialist teams separate.

The Scottish Widows Platform is operated by a different legal entity: Embark Investment Services (EISL). You will need to hold Terms of Business with EISL to operate on the platform.

Please contact your Business Development Manager or speak to our Platform Onboarding Team.