Some frequently asked questions about your new look Scottish Widows Platform.

Just visit and log in to the new look site using your existing username and password.

No, your password will remain the same. However, the first time you login, you will be asked to set up a memorable pin.

If you have forgotten your password, please use the forgotten password link on the login page.  This will send you a link allowing you to reset your password. You can also find out more information in our “resetting your password” guide.

This is part of our new security measures to further protect our clients.  When you first login to the new look platform you will need to add a memorable PIN to your account.

Some online processes are at higher risk of fraud by cyber criminals, for example, when you update email and postal addresses for you or your client(s). Our system will ask you to re-enter your memorable information at these points to prove that it is you making the update(s).

If you have forgotten your memorable PIN please use the forgotten memorable PIN option once you have entered your username and password. 

Please note if you input your memorable PIN incorrectly on three occasions you will be locked out.

Yes. You can create a new password or memorable PIN easily using the ‘My Account’ link from the menu and selecting ‘security’.  Please note you will need to enter your current password and current memorable PIN as part of this process.

No. Using the new look platform will not impact your existing instructions.

Please be aware that as we’re applying these improvements to firms in phases, the existing functionality on our current URL will continue to remain live until all our customers have moved across to  the enhanced screens.

Please continue to use the new look platform for your instructions.

Yes, this is still available, and the operator will know that you have gone live on the new look platform when they speak to you.

Much of the core underlying technology is the same. However, we have re-built many of the user journeys to make them far more streamlined and easier to navigate. 

Please click here to view information on our latest releases on the platform.

There are a variety of ways to search for your clients within the new look platform:

  • You can search from your dashboard using the search function. This allows you to search by Client name, Organisation name or Account number. There is also an advance search option allowing you to search for clients by Adviser.
  • You can also search for clients using the ‘My clients’ option on the side menu.

Using one of the methods described in the answer to the question above , select ‘organisation’ as the client type and enter the name or account number.

These figures show the total assets held over time on the Scottish Widows Platform for all your clients. This value is based on the previous working day, transfers in progress are not included in this figure.

There are several quick links on your dashboard including ‘create new account’ and ‘existing account new business’ that will allow you to do this easily.  Alternatively, if you have already set your client(s) up you can add new products using the ‘existing account new business’ link on the right-hand side drop-down menu.

This offers you and your clients the ability to search and evaluate investments available on the Scottish Widows Platform.  The Fund Research Centre provides helpful tools allowing you to:

  • build a portfolio of investments for analysis;
  • receive insight on the underlying assets;
  • generate reports, and
  • download information including factsheet and KID/KIID documentation
  • X-ray your clients investments at portfolio and product level
  • X-ray model portfolios.

We are working with Financial Express to provide additional features and will provide updates when they are delivered.

More information is available here.

Servicing permissions means you are allowing your client to be able to take certain actions on their own account such as trading, updating personal details, payments in and withdrawals (where relevant).

Your client will only have servicing permissions if you have previously requested this. If you aren’t sure you can find out how to check your client permissions by reading the ‘Managing my clients’ user guide which can be found here.

Yes, the servicing permissions can be set for your client at a product level.  To do this read the ‘Managing my clients’ user guide which can be found here.

That’s fine, you can set the access level yourself for your clients and information on how to do that can be found here. When a client is created on the Platform and their access is granted, the self-service option defaults to ‘no’. This means your client will just have read only access to view their Account.

Yes. You can now trade using a £ value which supports the trading of Gilts.

Expression of Wish can be amended through the Client details option. If you have given your client servicing permissions they will also be able to update Expression of Wish.

To find out more about the benefits of the new look Scottish Widows Platform, more information and user guides please visit our dedicated adviser webpage.