The EVPro solutions, accessible through our platform, offer comprehensive suitability and capacity for loss tools. They enable you to explore drawdown and annuity options for clients approaching retirement.

Our EVPro solution comprises several modules designed to efficiently manage your clients’ finances. These modules include:

  • Risk – a client risk profiling solution, including various psychometric, behavioural and knowledge-based questions.
  • Invest – a comprehensive analysis of your clients’ existing investments allowing you to create investment solutions consistent with your clients’ financial objectives and risk appetite.
  • Goal – easily create and communicate cash flow plans covering all stages of life including pre, at and post retirement.
  • Solver – adds more value to the Invest and Goal modules by providing additional problem-solving capabilities.
  • Investment and Retirement Planner Quick Tools.

Talk to your Business Development Manager regarding options for accessing this tool.

Examples of the EVPro tools on different devices.


Laptop showing a tools screen from inside the Scottish widows platform.

Our integration with FE fundinfo provides you with access to a Whole of Market fund range for analysis, Portfolio Scan functionality, a Fund Charting Tool, alongside all the latest Fund Literature hosted on HTML technology. Platform fund selections can be exported into FE fundinfo to negate the need for the rekeying of data.

Laptop showing a tools screen from inside the Scottish widows platform.

The new Charting Tool also enables users to research up to 10 funds at anytime against a wide range of indices and sectors and report across varying time periods. The tool is hugely flexible and ensures that research parameters can be amended at any point without having to start the comparison work again.


This brand new, integrated report enables you to construct a tailored report for your clients at either the account or product level.

Available sections include an introduction, account details, a snap-shot summary, valuations, performance, investment insights, and transaction details.

Tablet and phone showing screenshots of the EVpro tools on our site.
Red icon with hand touching a button.
Red icon with hand touching a button.


This tool can help you explain to your client why you’re recommending Scottish Widows Platform, and you can use it to produce paragraphs for a client suitability letter.


The integrated CGT tool enables you to calculate the realised capital gains and losses that your clients have incurred on the Scottish Widows Platform. It can also help you to scenario plan via ‘What If’ transactional capability as well as enabling you to correct Platform data where anomalies exist.

The Capital Gains Report will detail a summary position, at client-level, per taxable (GIA) Sub-Account. The report shows:

  • Capital gains summary
  • Unrealised gains and losses
  • Account holdings summary
  • Offshore income gains
  • Relevant securities transactions – list of historical purchases
  • Acquisition costs showing as zero
  • Missing transfer in costs


To access the tools you will need to be a registered user of the Scottish Widows Platform.

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Our proposition is designed to help you deliver the services your clients are looking for. Whether they are looking for simple savings through an ISA or a personal pension with full drawdown capability, our products and features will help them into and through retirement.