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Once logged in, you will be directed to the dashboard. From your dashboard, you can quickly go to specific parts of the platform by clicking the relevant action tile, search for a client, view assets under management (at firm level), view client assets by product wrapper and access menu navigation. Our user guide provides further information.  

Our User Interface (UI) enables you to easily manage your clients’ details via the client dashboard. This is accessed by searching for a client within your Adviser Dashboard, you will be given various options within your navigation menu to manage personal details, bank details, income strategy and pension details (such as investment strategy and beneficiaries). You can edit all these details by going into the individual action tiles. Before editing these, you will be asked to re-enter your memorable pin. Our step by step guide provides further details.

Using the Client Dashboard, simply select the performance tab to obtain a valuation for your client. You can quickly review the amount of money coming into and going out of the client’s account along with helpful details on charges, dividends, and returns. To check the performance of your client’s account between the two dates of your choosing, just adjust the dates displayed at the top. Further details are available in the adviser dashboard user guide on page 8.

Click ‘My Documents’ after opening the client dashboard to view and print a copy of your client’s statement. This displays all recent documents sent to that client, and a copy of a recent statement can be printed or saved.


Our step-by-step guide will help you to submit new business on the platform.

We’re are introducing Adobe Sign to simplify our transfer in process.

Where a transfer authority form is required and we hold the client’s email address and phone number, we will use Adobe Sign to send the transfer authority form directly to your client to digitally sign and return securely.

Although you will receive a copy of the request, you won’t need to do anything unless we don’t hear back from your client within the 28-day expiry window. We will contact you in the event that we need you to get in touch with the client. You will also receive when the client returns the request to us.

Please note: where we don’t hold an email and phone number for the client, our colleagues will revert to their existing process of emailing you the transfer authority form to pass onto the client.


Regular withdrawals and regular pensions income can be set up monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

The client can select any day of the month between 1st and 28th for the regular withdrawal payment to be deducted from their account, with the payment being received in the client’s bank account on the next working day.

Where the withdrawal or payment date fall on the weekend or a bank holiday, payments will be impacted.

If a withdrawal is due on the weekend, it will be withdrawn from the account on the Friday but will not be received by the client until the Monday (or the next working day if the Monday is a bank holiday). This should be factored in when setting up a withdrawal request.

Regular withdrawals and pension income payments are paid from cash inside the product and there must be enough cash for the withdrawal to be paid. To facilitate this, you can set up an income payment strategy for the client and target specific funds for the withdrawal.




A range of different reports are available in the platform to help you manage your business e.g. Cash balances report, Remuneration statements and Transactions report. Information on the available reports and how to access them can be found in our firm report guide

When you log in using your security user access, you will be given two options:

  • Add new user allows you to add a new user. When you select this action tile, you will then be asked if you would like to add a new adviser type user or non-adviser type user.
  • Edit User allows you to edit an existing user (this includes unlocking a users account) When you select this action tile, you will be asked for details to search for the user you wish to edit.

Step by step instructions to manage users can be found in our guide.

You can choose to have remuneration paid Monthly, Annually or Quarterly.

If you choose monthly payment, please be aware that when your chosen date lands on a weekend or a bank holiday, the payment does not occur. Instead, the payment defers until the next month that your chosen payment date lands on a working day. For example, 25th December is a non-working day, so your payment will be made on 25th January.

You have the following options to avoid being impacted by this:

  • Use the option to request payment from the platform
  • Amend payment frequency to weekly

You can view remuneration statements in the user interface, our firm report guide shows you how to access them.


To help you clients navigate our user interface we have a guide that you can share with them. This includes an overview of the functionality available to them and step by step guides to navigate around the portal.

Clients tend to log into the user interface on a less regular basis, this results in many calls to our contact centre seeking support to reset passwords. Clients should be able to easily reset their password using the “forgot password?” link on the log in page, or this guide explains in detail how they can self-service and save themselves having to call in.

To support your client conversations, we have produced a short guide to the platform that should answer any questions about the platform and products that you have recommended.


Our EVPro solution offers a suite of modules to help you effectively manage your clients’ finances. These modules include:

  • Risk – a client risk profiling solution, including various psychometric, behavioural and knowledge-based questions.
  • Invest – a comprehensive analysis of your clients’ existing investments allowing you to create investment solutions consistent with your clients’ financial objectives and risk appetite.
  • Goal – easily create and communicate cash flow plans covering all stages of life including pre, at and post retirement.
  • Solver – adds more value to the Invest and Goal modules by providing additional problem-solving capabilities.
    Investment and Retirement Planner Quick Tools.

Talk to your Business Development Manager regarding options for accessing this tool.

Our integrated CGT tool enables you to calculate the realised capital gains and losses that your clients have incurred on the Scottish Widows Platform. It can also help you to scenario plan via ‘What If’ transactional capability as well as enabling you to correct Platform data where anomalies exist.

The Capital Gains Report will detail a summary position, at client-level, per taxable (GIA) Sub-Account.

Further information on our CGT tool can be found in the user guide.

What the client report can show

The Scottish Widows Platform Client Report collates information from across the platform supplying you with a single report for use during client reviews. The report can be at Client Account or Individual Product level, giving you flexibility and helping you to structure client review meetings. The report includes summaries of product holdings and activity, transactions and performance.The user guide contains further detail on the information that can be included.

How to produce a report

Our report builder guide demonstrates how to access and run a client report including the parameters that are available to you.

TAX YEAR END 2023/24


Stay informed and plan ahead with our list of key deadlines and payment options.

To move money between accounts, some processes can be completed directly within the platform, while others require transferring monies to the client’s bank account prior to paying them into the intended account.

To move monies from an individual’s GIA to their ISA on the platform, please consult the following user guide

If a client is looking to move money into their pension from another product, the monies must be withdrawn to the client’s bank account first, then paid into the pension.

Should funds need to be moved between two different head accounts, then the money must be withdrawn to the client’s bank account, then paid into the respective account. If you require additional support completing this action, our support teams are ready to help.

Withdrawing monies to a client’s bank account and then paying back into the platform account is likely to take a few days and we suggest initiating as soon as possible to ensure that the action is completed in this tax year.

More information on the changes and FAQs can be found here.


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Gain a better understanding of platform processes and enhance your experience with our user guides.

Discover the latest enhancements and upgrades to our platform, based on your valuable feedback and designed to elevate your experience.

Should you require further assistance, reach out to our dedicated support teams, who are here to help.


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Scottish Widows Platform offers a wide choice of investments and tax wrappers, managed on proven technology with transparent and competitive pricing. Our platform could help you to deliver the services your clients are looking for. Find out more about our products and services.

Clients must be a UK resident, 18 years or older, hold a sterling denominated bank account and have a valid email address to open one of our Accounts.

Please note a Junior ISA and Junior Personal Pension can be opened by a parent or guardian for a child under 18.

The Scottish Widows Platform is a fully advised proposition, so you have complete control over the management of your clients’ accounts. You can:

  • Open additional accounts with no wet signature.
  • Benefit from fully digital trading.
  • Add, change and stop adviser charging.
  • Access our fully online withdrawal capability including flexi-access income drawdown with daily payroll.

You can also offer your clients varying levels of account access depending on their needs.

All clients have a secure online account view capability, so they can see where they are invested and how their account is performing.

Charges will be accrued daily and deducted monthly from the cash held in the Account. It is important that you ensure that there is enough cash to cover the charges.

The Scottish Widows Platform has over 6,000 mutual funds available from more than 100 fund managers. If a fund manager you usually recommend to your clients is not currently on the Scottish Widows Platform, please get in touch and we will look to work with them to get their funds added, where possible.

If we have an existing fund agreement in place with an investment manager, the addition of further funds should take approximately five working days. If there is no existing agreement in place, then the addition of the funds will take longer.

Our platform offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for advisers looking to outsource the management of part or all of their investment proposition. We have also recently added the functionality to allow advisers to set up model portfolios on the platform.

Yes, there is the ability to pay regular contributions into any of the products. The minimum contribution is £50.00.

If you have been sent user credentials previously and you have not logged in, you can click the ‘Forgot my password’ link to reset your password. Alternatively, your super user can set you up.


We recently held training sessions on the Scottish Widows Platform. Recordings of these sessions are available to watch below.




Find the documents you need to complete due diligence on the Scottish Widows Platform.


View the tools available on the Platform’s brand new User Interface.


There is a live chat facility built into every page of the Scottish Widows Platform, which means help is just a few clicks away. This service is available during business hours, every weekday (excluding bank holidays).

Alternatively, you can call our Service team on 0330 024 2345 between 08.30 and 17.00, Monday to Friday.